Transformations of Nature Exhibition

Transformations of Nature Exhibition

Exhibiting with my artist colleagues from AAN

We are showing some of our art works at Vila Real de Santo Antonio in the old marketplace, now the Cultural Centre. The show is called Transformations of Nature, the artists highlight their own point of view.

About the Exhibition

We as artists are influenced by nature that surrounds us;  the luminosity of light that emphasizes the colours of the sky and sea; the sheer beauty of the landscape with the mountains guarding the horizon in the north, the blue vastness of the ocean and its marine life, the pulse of life at the local markets, the noise, the atmosphere, the smells and the colours, all have their place in our work. But there is another aspect to nature here in the Algarve.

Humankind is prey to the need for her natural resources and there are negative consequences of human action to obtain them. Overfishing, pollution of the ocean and the golden beaches are environmental issues that will transform and could destroy the nature of the Algarve for us now and for future generations.

The AAN artists are celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2016

With their new exhibition they wish to draw attention to nature which transforms itself constantly and is transformed by man’s intervention. To emphasize their concern with negative consequences of human action, to focus on the enormous actual and potential impact that exploration of oil and gas within sight of the Algarve shoreline and its Natural Reserves. They have already made an impact with the ‘Art Installation Oil Rig’ by AAN artists Aidan Bremner and Jessica Dunn at the human chain demonstration against drilling and fracking held in Aljezur, widely reported in the press and broadcast on television by SIC Noticias. As a guest of AAN, German photographer Joachim Kuehl will show a video that he took on this occasion . We were invited to exhibit by Miguel Godinho, Divisão de Cultura e Património Histórico de Vila Real de Santo António.

Algarve Artists Network 2016

Participating in this new exhibition are fourteen members of the Algarve Artists Network. Some were born in the Algarve, others came from further afield: England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, and even Tanzania. Their two more recent exhibitions, “Da Terra e do Mar/From Land and Sea” at the Museum in Portimao in 2014, and “Arte no Ar/Art in the Air” at Faro International Airport in 2015, were dedicated mainly to these artists’ love of the Algarve. The exhibition reveals that love in another, protective light whilst still extolling its beauty.

Where and When

Vila Real de Santo António at the Centro Cultural António Aleixo, Algarve
Show title: ‘Transformações de Natureza’  (Transformations of Nature)
– Opening 12 August at 17h30
– Closing 16 September 2016