African Colours

Africa is full of colour and life. The people, nature and wildlife of Africa, and in in particular East Africa where I grew up, are a never ending source of inspiration. In my work I try to capture the glorious colour palette of that amazing continent.

On the dhow

27cm x 37 cm

The sailor on the dhow is unaware of the effect. of his kitenges. One day I will paint an acrylic with these wonderful colours..

Before the storm

Acrylic on canvas
50cm x 100 cm

The KasKazi is a monsoon that can strike out of a clear blue sky. The fishermen rush to get hme in their 'Ngalawa'


50 x 50 cm

This rhino is seriously wooing the lady on the right! The rhino is an endangered specie. I hopw he conquers her.

The Telling

Acrylic Collage
40 x 40 cm

I luse original fabric and beads in a collage. The woman is not pleased with the reading by the healer.

Masaai my brother

Acrylic Collage
40 x 40 cm

Fabrics can tell a story too. Kitenges and a kikoy and handmade sandals from car tyres..

Lodundukwe Conversation

Acrylic on canvas
50 x 50 cm

A very long road in Northern Kenya will bring you to Lodundukwe, the last town befor the Matthews rage.

Straw Hat

37 x 27 cm

This old fellow is teaching the boy how to herd his goats in the Rift Valley near Ngorongoro..

Ngorongoro Crater
Crown Bird

Acrylic on canvas
50 x 60 cm

The Crown Bird is the elegant symbol representing Tanganyika. My home country.

Shaba Gerenuk

Acrylic on canvas 50x60cm

Shaba is the loveliest game park in Kenya. Ol Donyo Lenkii where God lives in the distance.

Sheldrick Falls Mantis

Acrylic on canvas
80 x 100 cm

A Praying Mantis is almost invisible in the lush greenery at Sheldrick Falls.

Skye Diver

Acrylic on Canvas
90 x 120 cm

A Red Kite soars over the Isle of Skye -

Swahili Generation Gap

Acrylic Collage
30 x 30 cm

Mother and daughter disagree on her future

Namna Gani? How did it happen?

Acrylic Collage
60 x 60 cm

.Fabrics of Zanzibar lend themselves to a painting, and help to tell a story

Zanzibar Dhows

Watercolour on Bristol Board
20 x 50 cm

I hired many, many dhows for a short film commercial in 1990, the result was beautiful.

Flamingos of Ngorongoro

Acrylic on Canvas
60 x 70 cm

You can only visit the crater by day. Flamingoes form couples, and remind me of some humans!.

Flamingos of Ngorongoro

54 x 23 cm

This is a little paragraph about the painting, describing how I was feeling when I painted it and how I ran out of yellow and ended up using mustard instead.

Wild Dog in the Rift Valley

70 x 60 cm

The Wild Dog. A scavenger in Engaruka that steals kids from the young Maasai Goat herders.

Floodwaters of the Selous

60 x 150 cm

When the Selous floods the elephants are relected as the cross. This painting is in a private collection in NYC