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An Exciting Beginning

How I finally started my life as an artist

Art Director,
and still learning

BJ Boulter studied costume and set design, spending her career in film and television behind the camera creating imagery for a story, portraying a scene. Though painting and sketching are an integral part of production design, traveling the world making films left little time for personal artistic expression. Putting those years of experience with brush and pen to good use, filling sketchbooks and painting canvases, discovering her own creative instinct and form has become her personal passion. Her homeland is Tanzania and many of her works are figurative, with landscapes, people and wildlife influenced by her regular safaris to East Africa with artists and filmmakers, and her daily life and encounters in Portugal. These are sources of inspiration both past and present. A canvas is a page waiting to tell her story, to be shaped into life in sombre tones and glorious colour.

Artist Resumé
British from Tanganyika in East Africa. Living now in Algarve, Portugal.
-Education: St Joseph’s School, Dar es Salaam. Loreto Convent, Nairobi. Lucie Clayton School of Design & St Martin’s School of Art, London.
-Career in Art, Film & TV: Costume Designer, Art Director, Set Designer, Production Designer, Line

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