An Exciting Beginning

How I finally started my life as an artist

As an Art Director for film and television, sketching, designing, and even painting, were part of my life, My working life!

When I started really painting. Painting for the fun of it. Painting because I had something to say, was in 2010.  Watercolour fascinated me. In my work as a set designer I had only used it as a quick colour reference tool. Watercolour is underestimated in the art world, and yet so difficult, so careful and controlled. My first big watercolour, here on the right, is called ‘Poacher’s Legacy’. Elephants are in danger, both in East Africa and further south. On this ranch in Kenya, Likipia, belonging to Kuki Gallman, the lost and lonely calves are cared for by rangers. The painting was a selected finalist at the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition at the Mall Gallery in London. Not gaining a place. But my goodness … was I chuffed!